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Papua New Guinea - Moanti

Varietal(s): Mixed: Typica, Arusha, Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed

Citrus chocolaty nutty cup

The Moanti Network is a small but quickly-growing coffee-farming network comprised of (as of late-2014) 269 farmers who, together, produce around 123 metric tonnes of green coffee per year.

Formed in early October 2011, the farmers of this network belong to the Kiviringka community, which incorporates 12 different clans. The network’s name derives from its founder, Mrs. Moanti Ise, a local farmer from the Dunatina Valley area of the Eastern Highlands. Mrs. Moanti started her collaboration with Monpi Coffee Exports (who exports this coffee) and Sustainable Management Services (SMS) (a farmer training program) after ensuring the delivery of consistently high quality green coffee to Monpi.

The most common varieties of coffee produced are Typica and Arusaha, with only a few farms producing Mundonovo and Bourbon.

Coffee in the region is harvested by hand. After being picked, the coffee cherries are poured onto a canvas, where foreign substances (sticks, stones, soil, etc) and imperfect cherries are removed. Only perfectly ripe cherries will remain after the sorting process and will go on to be processed.

Coffee is then processed using the wet, or washed, method. Coffee cherries are pulped using pulping machines and are then fermented for around 36 hours (depending on climatic conditions at the time). After fermentation, the coffee is fully washed and then soaked in fresh, clean water for 16 hours (overnight). After being soaked, the resulting ‘parchment’ coffee is dried on raised beds.

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