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Biodegrade cups

After my last post about trying to make take away cups that can be recycled here is an interesting piece of news from California.
They have started a movement there to use cups that biodegrade on 180 days but can also be used to grow plants to enhance the environment.
The ingenious cup, which has seeds embedded in its walls, is aimed to degrade in six months. After that point, it ultimately produces a range of beautiful flowers or native tree species. It's explained in the company's video that a person simply purchases a cup of coffee, and when it's empty, takes it to a desired location to plant it in an effort to, "... further enhance local landscapes, urban spaces or community gardens." 
In the event that an individual opts not to do this themselves, there will be special bins at the coffee shops, who will return the cups to "Reduce. Re use. Grow," where the cups will be redistributed and planted appropriately.

It's a great effort that reinforces the health-conscious wave that's sweeping the nation. From consumers demanding more on the food-labelling and restaurant chains that are more aware of the ingredients in foods and locally sourced products, to these revolutionary coffee cups, the growing interest in health – of people and the planet – is evident.

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