Caer Urfa

Why we are called Caer Urfa Coffee Company

We are often asked why our company is called Caer Urfa Coffee Company.

Where does it come from? Is it Welsh? What’s in a name?

Well we decided to call our company after our home town South Shields.

John Leland in the 16th century was the first to suggest that originally the town had been known as 'Caer Urfa.' The Brythonic word 'Caer' meaning a fortified place or seat of royal power, 'Urfa' is suggested to be a simple corruption of 'Vide Infra' the Aramaic name for the Roman stronghold. So it’s a Celtic name for the town on the Tyne that was established as a roman stronghold on the dangerous northern border. The fort was just south of the end of Hadrians wall which ends or begins at Wallsend across the mouth of the river.


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