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What to do with your coffee dregs – well we at Caer Urfa Coffee put it to good use, we use the chaff the papery layer that comes off the bean at roasting on our garden, acting much like chippings. As for the coffee grounds produced after making a cup of coffee again we mix that with our compost and put that on the garden.

It will help microorganisms beneficial to plant and vegetable growth thrive as well as attract earthworms. It’s said that coffee grounds lower the pH (or raise the acid level) of soil, which is good for acid loving plants.

Optiat skincare

Interestingly seen on a recent episode of Dragons Den were a brother and sister promoting their skin care company that used coffee grounds in their products? Here is an extract from their web site:

Natural, sustainable and handmade in the UK, Optiat create skincare products from quality ingredients that would otherwise be discarded. We provide ethical alternative o toxic beauty staples, such as micro beads, by using coffee grounds and other natural by products otherwise sent to landfill.

Welcome to Optiat, the nature-friendly skincare company. We take quality ingredients that would otherwise be discarded and transform them into natural, sustainable skincare products. Our products are hand-made in the UK and vegan-friendly, using only plant-based ingredients. We believe in respecting nature around us and will never, ever test on animals.

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