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How best to enjoy your coffee

Medium to coarse ground

Cafetiere/French Press

The Cafetiere/French Press/Plunger is an easy and cheap method of enjoying coffee and is the preferred brewing method for many coffee enthusiasts. The plunger device consists of a rod, the top end of which is a handle and at the bottom end a filter that fits snugly around the inside of the glass cylinder/jug.

The coffee, medium to coarse ground, and boiled water should stand in the jug for three to four minutes before the plunger and mesh filter are pushed down slowly separating the grounds from the liquid.

This unique method adds a heavy body to complement the fine flavour of the coffee beans. The cafetiere is an attractive way of preparing and serving coffee in the same device.


Medium to fine ground

The Drip Filter

This is the most popular of all brewing methods. In this machine a filter (either paper or metal screen) is placed in a (usually) plastic cone-shaped holder and filled with medium to fine ground coffee where hot water drips through.

This is a very satisfying way of brewing as it produces a clear flavored cup of coffee with the minimum of oils and sediment. However it must be remembered these machines will usually have a warmer to keep the coffee from getting cold. If the coffee is left on the warmer for long periods it will ruin the coffee and give it a chemical type taste. To avoid this deficiency turn the maker off right after the coffee is brewed, therefore ensuring a fine, clean tasting cup.


Bean to cup coffee makers

For beans it may be best to invest in one of the many bean to cup coffee makers and there are plenty on the market for household or office requirements. It does as it says you just put the beans in one end and press the button the machine will grind your coffee to the size you have requested and hey presto you have a delicious cup of coffee within seconds ready for you to drink and enjoy.

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