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Top Coffee Consumers are Finnish

I wondered which nation in Europe drinks the most coffee and was surprised to find it was the Finns.Earlier this year, Finns were named the top coffee consumers in the world by the International Coffee Organisation – they drink an impressive 12kg per person per year, compared to the UK’s 2.8kg and Italy’s 5.8kg. That’s roughly 10 cups of coffee a day, usually served hot and dark and frequently paired with a korvapuusti – a traditional Finnish cinnamon roll whose name translates as ‘slapped ears’.
“Visiting friends and relatives usually involves several cups of coffee,” says Samuli Ronkanen, who owns Helsinki’s Good Life Coffee. “It’s impolite not to drink the offered coffee and pastries. It doesn't matter how much coffee you had before.”
“It's so dark and cold most of the year we need something to keep us going and warm,” he explains, trying to justify the massive caffeine intake. Benjamin Andberg, states, “Finns love coffee so much because you can’t drink alcohol all the time.” 
“We drink coffee every chance we get as it’s always available,” says Mikaela Gervard. She also notes that coffee drinking in Finland is somewhat legally mandated: “By law, we take a ‘coffee break’ at work twice daily for 10 minutes.”

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