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London buses run on coffee grains

Green entrepreneur Arthur Kay wants the iconic red London buses to run on fuel generated by coffee waste.

He runs Biobean, a start-up which is gathering waste from coffee chains such as Costa and converting it into liquid fuel.

The firm is due to unveil a coffee-run bus in the capital in a few weeks.

In London, the need to get cleaner air is vital as it is one of the most polluted places in the UK due to the heavy traffic and tall buildings which create and trap emissions’ quality in London has led some to wear protective masks when out and about on the streets

"We are going through a period of energy divergence where we are moving from a fossil-fuel based society to one that is increasingly diversified. Bio-fuel will be crucial to that," said Mr Kay.

The biochemical method uses a process which evaporates the used coffee grounds via something known as hexane extraction and then extracts around 15 to 20% of oil and the remaining mass is turned into bio-mass pellets which can be burnt as fuel in wood burners.

And, said Mr Kay, there is always a ready supply of ingredients.

"As long as people are still drinking coffee, there will be coffee waste. In the UK, people consume 500,000 tonnes of coffee each year, and if we could use all of it we could power a city such as Manchester," he said

Lots of countries are starting to see the benefits of bio-fuel, which can be made out of anything from chocolate to sewage

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