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New Years Coffee Resolutions

If we have one hope for 2018, it’s to drink even better coffee than the year before. So here’s the five coffee-related New Year’s resolutions we hope you’ll join us in making.


Most of us have our standard coffee origins: Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Guatemala that we look for when buying single origin coffees. But maybe we should question that standpoint and make a resolution to try something new. There are some fantastic flavoured coffees being grown in the less well known countries like Peru, Burundi, and even China where each year the quality keeps getting better. So we at Caer Urfa Coffee recommend that you try some of our excellent Papua New Guinea or Honduras for a change. You will be pleasantly surprised and may even find a new favourite to add to your list.


We all feel like we should begin the new year with a healthier lifestyle so why not swap some of your daily intake of coffee with a pot of decaf. Everyone enjoys the early morning wake up from a freshly brewed cup of coffee but if you find that a cup after dinner keeps you awake swap later drinks to decaf. Many small roasters are now, like us at Caer Urfa, sourcing well balanced, non chemically treated decaffeinated coffees. Obviously the extra processing either by water or CO2 adds a bit to the price but you will be surprised how you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for a healthier option. We sell both ground and whole beans so it doesn’t matter what brewing method you prefer.


Ground coffee starts to lose flavour very quickly so it is best to use up an open bag as soon as possible. Having half a dozen open packets in your cupboard is not good. However coffee does have an extensive shelf life, if you keep it in an airtight container, and even if its 6 months old from a good roaster there is no need to throw it away. It is better to buy regularly and only the amount you can use in a month or two. But if you have several small amounts why not try blending them you might even create a new blend of your own that you prefer.


Besides the obvious health benefits, cutting out sugar is going to make the individual flavour profile of your coffee come alive. Some people try to cut down gradually but we have found this way it’s too easy to lapse back again. So the only way to do it is to stop completely. While your taste takes time to adapt your first few cups might be bitter but a good roasted coffee will overcome this tendency and after a while you will lose the urge to add sugar you will save money, calories and avoid all that processed sugar you were previously consuming.


all our coffees are fairly traded with a percentage of profits going to local community schemes.

The names of our coffees come from the farms or cooperatives where they were produced and you can trace their origins to find out more about the coffee you enjoy. It will also let you see the good that buying our fairly traded coffee is doing for that local community. We can only fit a small about of information about the flavour profile on our labels by doing a bit of research it will help you to decided what to try when coming to buy. Famous wineries are household names with wine connoisseurs. It’s high time coffee drinkers learned about the coffee estates so you can feel good that you are supporting the farmers who need your help.

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