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Oomph Coffee Maker Review

The Oomph Coffee Maker Review

As seen on Dragons Den this week Matthew Deasy went head to head with the Dragons - his product ‘The Oomph’.

Matthew has a background in coffee products and was looking for £40k for a 5% stake in the business.

The Oomph it’s different, it’s a coffee maker and travel mug in one. It is a unique coffee gadget that can brew three times faster than standard coffee machines.

So why are people going crazy for the Oomph here are some pointers:

1: Taste.

We as roasters agree how you make a coffee is important but also important is the coffee you put into the machine, a good quality product freshly roasted is best but that said this is what one reviewer made of it:

The first time I tasted coffee from the Oomph, I was hugely impressed with the taste and the mouth feel. It just seemed to have a more rounded taste and also a bigger mouth feel to what I’m used to tasting.

2: Convenience.

Making coffee with the Oomph is very convenient you plunge it, and then go – as The Oomph doubles as a travel mug. You can just open the lid and drink directly from the coffee maker, or decant it into a cup, delivering a hot brew of coffee for up to three quarters of an hour.

3: The grind.

The Oomph is able to handle a wide range of grind sizes. Idea for those out there who haven’t got a grinder easily at hand and buy pre ground coffee in a variety grinds.

4: Substantial.

This is a rugged, chunky, substantial coffee maker. It’s clear that it is made to perform and to last. Although I’m sure it could be made lighter, and cheaper, this would result in a flimsy and less substantial product. The majority of the material used is something called Tritan, a food grade BPA free heavy grade plastic that I’m sure doesn’t come cheap!

5: Volume.

It can hold 13 fluid ounces of brewed coffee, enough to make a couple of cups of very enjoyable coffee without having to make a second brew.

6: Re-brew.

It’s also said the Oomph is the first brewer which enables re-brewing. If you taste the coffee and you’re not happy with the extraction, you can twist to open the catch, and pull up the plunger and give it another plunge, to extract more.

Buy from Amazon from £36.90

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