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DeLonghi Coffee Bean Grinder

DeLonghi Coffee Bean Grinder(Item code: 113795639) – Sainsbury’s

To get the freshest possible cup of coffee it is vital that the beans be freshly ground, so by grinding and then immediately making your drink you get a professional cafe quality cup. Also as the beans are ground they release the aromas of flavour into your kitchen giving it a welcome home appeal.

The De Longhi coffee bean grinder is a super machine offering 3 options of grind whether a coarser grind for your plunger type brewer or that finer grind for the espresso machine, it is surprisingly easy to use. We use this machine in our home and its size makes it possible to transport it when we grind coffees on our market stall. It is easy to clean and works surprisingly quickly grinding enough coffee for up to 12 cups.

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