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Russian coffee culture is booming

Russia has traditionally a strong tea culture, but now we are seeing an impressive coffee boom. As we recently discovered on a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg coffee is becoming one of the features of contemporary urban life in Russia.

Trendy coffee shops are being opened, and micro-roasteries are popping up. More and more people are taking interest in speciality coffee so coffee culture is expanding and developing. Many Russian cities are hosting specialised exhibitions and events that promote the barista profession. Coffee is becoming an integral part of young people´s lives challenging the tradition of tea drinking.

The main event in the Russian coffee scene is the Russian Barista Days festival, which attracts coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the country. Year after year, the event attracts more and more interest among professionals as well as amateurs who come here to enjoy the atmosphere and new experiences.

Russian Barista Days were held this year at the beginning of March in Moscow.

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