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A Russian innovation the Raf coffee

A Russian innovation the Raf coffee

One of Russia’s coffee treasures is the legendary Raf, recently encountered on our trip to Russia..

The Raf was created in Moscow, at a Coffee Bean cafe where its classic recipe of one shot of espresso, cream, plain sugar, and vanilla sugar became popular. Over time, this indulgent drink proved to be the perfect groundwork for experimentation. It’s travelled across the nation, and with its voyage, taken on new flavours and twists.

In Akademia Coffee, Novosibirsk they have created a Basil Raf by manufacturing their own basil syrup and adding it to the basic recipe.

“The recipe is simple: fresh basil leaves are blended together with cooled sugar syrup and then strained. The rest of the recipe repeats the classic scheme.”
— Tatyana Pavlova, Head Barista.

While at Papa Carlo, Ekaterinburg they have developed Citrus, Almond, and Honey Rafs.

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