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The Monk of Mokha

Here is a plug for a book we haven’t read yet ‘The Monk of Mokha’ by David Eggers. Why well it’s to do with coffee.

Dave Eggers’ new book The Monk of Mokha is a true story that weaves together the history of coffee, the struggles of everyday Yemenis living through civil war, and the courageous journey of a young man, Mokhtar Alkhanshali, a San Francisco-based Yemeni American, following the most American of dreams.

I was on a plane some years ago and sat in the dreaded middle seat of the middle row of a long haul flight sat between 3 large men uncomfortable didn’t come near to describe the situation. Anyway one chap started talking to another and over hearing their conversation as one does I couldn’t help but listen in. One guy ask the other what he does for a living, and he replied he was an author and had been in the USA to promote his book. Interesting I thought, he mentioned he was co-author with a Mr. David Eggers on a novel and the book was called ‘What is the what’. Well on my return home I Googled the book and David Eggers and low and behold I was sat beside Valentino Deng a Sudanese child refugee, and promptly bought the book. It was it has to be said a good and interesting read.

So when David Eggers delivers us yet another real-life tale, that follows in the path of ‘What is the what’ and ‘Zeitoun’, both now in some readers eye’s controversial books, and the fact it’s about coffee we look forward to buying a copy and reading it.

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