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The Types Of Roast

Types of Roast from Caer Urfa Coffee Company

As you peruse our coffees you will notice the level of roast that particular coffee has undergone, below is an overview of those roast profiles and although there are many more that could be added to this list, these we believe best maximizes the character of that particular coffee and to a degree brings out the qualities that identifies the unique character of the area the coffee originates from. In some cases when we have gone for the higher roasts it is with our blended coffees where the "roast character" that often obscures the "origin character" is best suited for the espresso method of brewing and associated with the coffee menu, for such milky drinks as lattés and cappuccinos.

3. City (medium roast)
This roasting style produces a full bodied and strongly aromatic coffee, good to taste the varietal character of a bean.

4. City Plus (medium roast a little darker than above)
This roast has about the same flavour characteristics as a City Roast. It is a little darker, which decreases the above flavour qualities, but imparts a bit more body to the cup.

5. Full City (medium dark roast)
Still good for varietal character, this roasting style produces a very full bodied coffee that is a little bittersweet in flavour and a little less acidic than City roast.

6. Vienna - Light French (dark roast)
Here the origin character is just being obscured by the roasts character; this roasting style produces a very full bodied coffee that is slightly sweet in flavour with light bitter tones.

7. French (fully dark roast)
This roasting style produces a full bodied coffee that has low acidity and a dominating bittersweet flavour, with burnt undertones popular for espresso.

8. Italian
Very dark brown very shiny, this roasting style produces a coffee that is very weak bodied with strong distinct burnt flavours and low acidity.

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